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The New Atlantis Craze

Hold your seahorses....you won't believe this! Merfolks...I would like to introduce to you the all new Atlantis line tails from FinFun!

"Don’t settle for average in the realm of swimmable mermaid tails. Make a statement at the pool or beach with Fin Fun’s Atlantis collection for adults! Daring designs, premium fabric, and 3D fins on the sides and back show the world you’re serious about the mermaid life and all that entails." FInFunmermaid.com

It's true....this tail rocks in the world of mermaids - but then, don't they all? Between the simply sassy mermaiden styles, to the sparkling Limited Edition - I think I need to own them all.

So let us know - what's on your under-the-sea wish list?