Become a Treasure Hunter

Additional 100.00 travel and equipment use fee for all mermaid and shark swims except our 4-day class and swim lessons.

Become a treasure hunter on the coast of North Myrtle Beach, SC!


Sunken ships, pirate booty, lost gems....all of these hidden pieces of history could be yours! We not only love mermaids...we love all things under-the-sea! Our experiences are tailored to those who love the ocean and and adventure!


In your 1-hour metal detecting adventure, your experienced instructor will teach you the art of metal detecting. You will learn how to comb the beach with strategy, how to operate your metal detector, what sounds to listen for and how to decipher them, as well as how to use each piece of treasure hunting equipment.


You can look forward to an exciting time of combing the beaches during your treasure hunt. Using real-time GPS data, your instructor will challenge you in locating your keepsake artifact! No worries, all of our pirates are guaranteed to take home their own booty!

For some extra fun, you can add on to your experience with your very own pirate photoshoot at the beach!